Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Thoughts About 6.2...

So, now that I've finally had more than 5 minutes to sit down and play 6.2 (when Nim and Jay are having a baby and the rest of my life is busy as hell, this is why I didn't really get to play much other than pet battles), I can finally form an opinion about the whole thing. Here are some of the main things that I've noticed about this patch.

First off, I love the concept of Tanaan. It's really cool. It's everything I liked about the Timeless Isle and Isle of Thunder combined into one thing. They did a really good job implementing it. I love running around and getting the treasures, I love chasing after rares (and the big rares are just fun to get to), and I love rep grinds. I know, I'm a freak. But I like them. The Saberstalkers is a pain in the butt, but since I'm going to need it in order to get flying, I join groups and grind out a little bit at a time (that being said - anyone want to help me finish? I will love you forever).

The storyline is, sadly, lacking at this point in time. I really didn't feel like they did as well with this set of them as they did with the original storyline for the entirety of Draenor. I mean, I totally get what's going on, I understand why we're going into Hellfire and doing all of the crap that we're doing to keep everything somewhat normal throughout the jungle. But honestly, like the Timeless Isle and the Isle of Thunder, it's just a mini storyline that doesn't have a lot to go with it. Granted, that was two whole patches in Pandaria, but still - I just felt like it could have been a little more meaty, especially since this was one of two content patches in the whole thing. More story, please, Blizz. You did so amazing for the first part of Draenor, and it

My biggest qualm at this point is the layout of the zone. I feel like it was made for flying, but we don't have flying yet. I get turned around and stuck in places, and I would be lost if I didn't have Aviana's Feather with me, because I would never get anywhere. Granted, now that I have the transport thing that takes me to the nearest rare (at least the lower one - I can't wait to get the one that takes you anywhere in the zone), it's not as bad as it was, but I feel like everywhere I go I'm getting stuck in a freaking mountain or ambushed by everything ever. I get it's supposed to be hard, but sheesh. And I'm going to say something that everyone thought I would never say - I finally am a proponent that we need flying back. I was okay without it Blizz, then you made Tanaan, and now I want to beat my head in because getting between spots for dailies takes way too freaking long.

I do like the naval stuff. I know, it's just another table, but it's still fun to be able to send out boats. And actually, I really like the risk that comes with them. Some people get mad about it, but I like the fact that they can sink my battleships (yes, I know, and yes, it's funny), and I like the fact that I get to send boats places and build boats. As afraid as I am of open water (yeah, I know), it's just cool to have my own naval fleet to play with.

The pet battles. Holy crap. If you didn't see the posts from the last 2 weeks that talked about the pet battles and how I handled them, make sure that you go to check out both Part 1 and Part 2. I updated
them. I swore a lot. I walked away from the computer because I got ticked off. I logged off of WoW and went to play Hearthstone because I was like "NOPE NOT DEALING WITH THIS RIGHT NOW." They made me crazy, but you know what? It was freaking awesome. After finding the new Draenor Pet Masters to be quite easy, and the Garrison Pets were meh, I wanted something challenging, and I definitely got it. Did it make me crazy? Absolutely. Am I glad? Yes. Warning - if you are not experienced in pet battles, don't start in Tanaan. Please. You will cry and never want to pet battle again.

Overall, I really am having fun with this patch. Do I think they could have done more? Yep. Absolutely. But honestly, if you look back at other times that I've evaluated patches, there's usually something I'm complaining about, so it's okay. They did pretty well, and it's fun, that's what I care about.

What do you think of patch 6.2? Are you happy with the way it turned out, or do you think that they could have done some things better?

Well Met!

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