Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Early Thoughts on Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament

As you likely know, the newest expansion for Hearthstone, the World of Warcraft based Collectible Trading Card Game, came out on Monday. Hooray! Like seriously, I had been excited for this for what felt like months, and now it's finally here. So, as you would expect from a loud-mouthed, brash dwarf - here are my thoughts on what TGT is like.

First off, I want to say, I can tell that I'm getting better at this game. The first thing that I did was look at the stuff I needed for a shaman deck. I crafted a card so that I could put stuff in there, and then took the time to do what ended up being 5 different adjustments to the deck based on what I felt the deck was missing.

And then it actually worked.

Not to brag, but I suck at that, usually. I played other CCG's and I just didn't have the mind to wrap around stuff like that, but I do with Hearthstone. Maybe it's the smaller deck size? I haven't figured it out yet, but maybe I do have what it takes to be the very best.

(Speaking of Pokemon, I totally started playing Omega Ruby while Court has been playing Alpha Sapphire. I always forget how much I love Pokemon).

Anyway, back to my thoughts on the expansion!


Shaman! Priest! Holy freaking crap, Blizz, why not bring back the beast? The minute I started listening to the analysis that The Angry Chicken was doing as cards were being spoiled and talked about, my brain started to explore about shaman and priest decks. The deck I talked about above? A totem shaman deck. I think that priest is able to be more "milkshakey" than ever (That's all Dills, one of the casters on TAC). I haven't tried a new priest deck yet, but I'm falling in love with shaman again and again. If you haven't tried it, what in the crap are you waiting for?

Jousting. I feel like jousting was a good idea in theory, but in practice, yikes. Last week during the TGT brawl, I felt like I wasn't really happy with the way that joust worked. I think it could be good, because you need big minions to make it work in your favor, but that's only going to help if the meta shifts to being much slower than it was pre-TGT. That being said, that seems to be the way things are going, and as someone who naturally plays games defensively, I'm all about it. So maybe it will work, we just have to see.

Inspire. Inspire, on the other hand, is my love. I'm still getting used to the "play the card first, you idiot" instead of using my hero ability as I was going to use it, but that's just something that I have to get used to, no big deal at all. Inspire is just a lot of fun. It encourages you to use your hero power more often (which, in many cases, I would either forget to do or get off curve if I did do it) and it really gives you this bit of a boost. I'd love to put together an inspire deck at some point, but I'm still messing around with the shaman because totem love, baby.

Arena award change. This was something that was sorely needed. As you likely remember, I did The Great Hearthstone Experiment where I made Asia and Europe accounts that were free to play, no money spent on them at all. I'm going to update that guide a little bit to mention this, but now you get a random card pack instead of the most recent one. While I think a token system would be better (get a token, hand it in for one pack of your choice), it still does the job for those who are just getting into the game. Arena is definitely a great choice for those who want to go free to play, and I will say that until the end of time.

Overall thoughts and feelings.  In short, I love it. I always love new expansions. I love to see the new ideas that are out there, try out my own ideas based on my playstyle and what I'm seeing in the meta, and more. I'll have a better idea when it's been out for more than

So yes, that's what I'm thinking. What are you into with this? Have you tried constructed at all, or were you like me and went into arena to check things out first? And, what did you open out of your packs? I got 3 legendaries out of my 50 packs, still didn't get all that I needed but it was okay. :)

Well Met!

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