Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Great Hearthstone Experiment

So, I decided to try a big experiment when it comes to Hearthstone. I had a number of friends who say to me that they would like to get into Hearthstone, but they don't want to spend money and/or they worry that they're too late to the game in order to really get into it. That being said, I decided to start an account on the EU server and the Asia server and decided to move forward in two different ways in order to try and get my account going - with no cash investment on my part. I found that my EU technique worked better (Asia I just tried to do adventures, and it didn't build the collection up fast enough in my opinion). So, here's a look at some tips if you're just getting into Hearthstone.

As you likely know, your cards don't go with you when you switch regions, so you're stuck starting from scratch - you even have to do the tutorials again! So, here is what I found to be the best way to build up your collection and start doing well in Hearthstone in just a few weeks.

First, a note - some people say that this worked for me because of how much I've played Hearthstone and how much practice I had beforehand. That may be true, but as with any card game, you want to put a lot of practice in anyway. That's just how games are in general, so make sure that you know of that before you even get started.

Work on those achievements! Your achievements are going to be the main way that you earn gold at first. Even though there isn't a list on the Hearthstone interface for achievements (seriously, Blizzard, why haven't you done that yet?), Hearthhead has a list that is kept up pretty consistently as new achievements come in. Then you can at least have an idea of what is out there, even though you can't necessarily keep track of them. Someday, please, Blizz.

Arenas, Arenas, Arenas.  Spam the crap out of arenas, but only when you have 150 gold. Don't spend money on it. Do the arenas to do your dailies. Do the arenas to just do the arenas. Why? Because you always get a pack (which is 100 gold otherwise) and you get something extra, even if you suck; either a card, some gold, or some dust, which can be made to make additional cards later on. Don't just buy packs - doing arena gets you used to the various cards, and gets you playing. Not sure how to get started with arena? Here's a great guide that is kept up to date fairly often on Reddit. There was a rumor that you will eventually be able to choose your pack, but I don't know if that's true yet.

Do daily quests. The daily quests are your fast track to getting gold, and if you do them, you'll get more, which means you can do more arenas and get more packs. It's a pretty easy thing to do, especially with brawl out now. Just do your dailies. If one is being too much of a pain, then "x" it out and try a different one, it's not a big deal. If you have to skip a day, it's fine - you can hold up to three in your history.

Don't get adventures until you have a solid base established. I tried to start with adventures on my Asia account, and it sucked. Saving up all of that gold then only getting a few cards - yeah, it definitely wasn't worth the time that you put into it. My recommendation is that you get a solid base first, and then start saving up gold to get adventures. Otherwise, your quest to get more gold is going to end up being an incredibly frustrating one.

Get to 20 in ranked every season, then go to casual (unless you've found a deck that's working well for you). I'm the type of person who likes to collect everything, so I like to get to Rank 20 because I want those card backs. And, honestly, the play field is a mess in 25 to 20, so you can get to rank 20 without a lot of problems. Once you hit 20 though, it gets kind of grindy, So, switch over to casual for your dailies and such, unless you happen to be doing incredibly well with your deck.

Do Your Weekly Brawl! Brawl was an amazing addition to the game, it's a lot of fun, and most of the decks are prebuilt. You get a free card pack for winning the first one of the week, and some of them are fantastic. Last week was Unstable Portal madness and it was a lot of fun. Some are more fun than others, but they're totally worth it.

So yea, those are some of things that helped me get from zero to hero (or at least competent) in Hearthstone in just a few weeks. What did you do in order to get started with Hearthstone? Or have you been afraid to try to get into it?

Well Met!

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