Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Transitioning to Legion - Part 1 (Velly's Story)

Note: This is a selection of RP stories that I will be putting together in order to transition all of my characters into Legion, because there are a few that will definitely have their stories pushed and prodded during this period of time. I will also have TAW stuff, but since I didn't get any questions, I felt like this would be a good way to get through August.

That being said, this first one (and maybe the second?) will be about Veliya Rebelclaw, my Night Elf Druid.

Veliya Rebelclaw had always been poised and ready to help, no matter what the situation was. She tried to make sure that she was helping out with something or another and taking care of those around her. The Trading Company had fallen apart after the disappearance of Xaraley, but Val and Vel, who were married, had stayed tried and true to one another. Velly did work back and forth to help heal Draenor. 

Draenor had been a cold place to the Kaldorei at times, even though their expertise had been greatly appreciated. Many Draenei had asked her about her partner, and found it odd that there was a Draenei that had taken Vel has her mate. Usually, Vel just smiled and shrugged at that. That wasn't where the difficulty was, however - the problems were usually with that old, wretched smell and presence of fel that was found in different parts of the land. 

Because of Velly's past, losing her parents' lives (and almost her own) to the Legion, the mere presence of fel made her incredibly uncomfortable at times. But she worked through her fear, saving the lives of a number of people from all sides; yes, even the Horde. Although she usually avoided orcs out of fear, she was known to help those of a couple of other races from time to time as well. 

This story begins with Velly, sitting back at one of the garrisons that had been built up all over Draenor, and doing some art. She, as usual, had been healing people and now that the fight at the Citadel was over, she assumed that the worst of it was over. The demon population had started to be dealt with, and on top of that, the Draenei in this timeline were safe. Gul'dan had gotten away, but she assumed that it wasn't of her concern to deal with. 

While she was drawing on the arm of another Kaldorei who had seen Velly's tattoo and wanted to have Vel design it, the two of them heard a loud trumpet and turned their heads. "Wh-what is that?" The stout druidess asked the other Kaldorei. The other shook her head, confused. Within a few moments, a Kaldorei riding on a Nightsaber came in, his eyes full of panic. 

"There has been a terrible breach of security, and Gul'dan has gotten access to certain things that no mortal should ever have access to... his pact is being fulfilled." 

Vel's stomach dropped and she just stared at the male in disbelief. Her mouth went dry and she couldn't really respond to anything that was going on around her. Her brain went through the process of trying to figure out what was going on, what was being said and... 

"No, no, no. That doesn't mean..."

The male nodded. "Gul'dan has found the ancient ruins of the Broken Isles. He has set the Legion in motion, and.... "

Vel's brain kind of started to hear all of that as jumbled language again. But it didn't matter. The Broken Isles were where the Kaldorei had started, where Azshara had turned her backs on their people and where all of the Maelstrom had broken lose. 

The Broken Isles being found and used meant the Legion was going to be back. And soon. 


Velly opened her eyes and found her love sitting beside her bed. Wait, when had she gotten into a bed? She gulped and looked at Val. "... Did I dream that?"

Val shook her head no. "When you got word, you passed out and hit your head on the concrete. You've only been out for about 8 hours or so."

"So it's true?"


Velly fell into her lover's arms, sobbing. 


As the two lay in bed that night, Velly couldn't help but think about all of the things that she had been through in her life. Losing her parents to the Legion. All of the blood and violence that she had seen. And how she kept going back into it to try and save the world and those around her. As her lover snored beside her, Velly whispered out the words, "Elune, help us all." 

Was she ready for this test? Was she ready to face her fears and take back everything that had been taken away from her because of the Legion? 

That part of the story still has yet to be written.


Well Met!

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