Friday, August 21, 2015

Transitioning to Legion: Part 2 -1 (Amber and Ori's Story)

(This is me writing a series based on all of my characters transitioning into the Legion expansion. As I've shared on here before, I'm an RP'er, so I want to make sure that my character's stories come into Legion without a lot of issues. This is the second part of the series, which focuses on Amber and Orienda Springshadow, who are cousins).

Draenor had taken a toll on the Springshadow cousins, and because of that, they were relieved that things seemed to be over and that they could go back home to their beloved Darnassus. The two Kaldorei and their partners had been doing a lot of work with their respective organizations. 

Ori had started to do work with the Kirin Tor, because they were in need of the help of all magic users. Her skills had definitely been put to the test, and the mage proved that she was a lot better at using the arcane than she had previously been. Her skill with her daggers had been coveted by many, and she did some guard work at several different garrisons throughout the area. Being a battle mage definitely had its advantages. 

Amber had been working with the Wardens and making sure that those in command were kept as safe as possible. Needless to say, she hadn't really met anyone (the troubles of being a rogue), but she had seen a lot of things. Her proudest moment had been totally disengaging an orc rogue who tried to sneak into a camp. She had noticed him going through a certain part of the camp and looking to kill the commander of the camp. 

Amber and Ori were waiting at the garrison that their squadrons had been going back to at times. Amber was sharpening a dagger that a Draenei had given her out on the field, and Ori was taking the time to repair one of her gloves for the 15th time. 

"I'm going to find Rabee when we get back to Stormwind for processing. I need new gloves, I've about killed these ones." Ori sighed, cringing as she pricked her finger. 

Amber just nodded, looking at the dagger and flipping it in her hand. "He prob'ly wants to know we're still livin'." The Kaldorei had learned her Common from pirates, so she often mumbled and forgot words. And slang was quite abundant in her terms. 

"Indeed. I was appreciative of the letters he sent to us, however." Ori stated, and Amber nodded in agreement. 

The garrison was relatively quiet, with most people resting. A couple of humans nearby were playing Hearthstone, whereas a pair of dwarves were slamming down ale and telling each other stories. It was peaceful - at least, until a set of loud, heavy steps indicated that someone was coming into the garrison, and they were doing so incredibly quickly. A Draenei hopped off of his Elekk and came up to Ori and Amber. 

"Hello, Springshadow sisters." He bowed politely. "I have received word of something that seems to have troubled those who I have gotten it from, but I do not understand what it means for you who are of this distant Azeroth land." 

Ori looked up from her sewing, accidentally pricking her finger as she did. She let out a quiet cuss in Darnassian, and then adjusted her glasses. Amber sat up, ready to receive word about what was going on. 

"Gul'dan has traveled back into your time, and has found something called the Broken Isles. I know nothing more." 

Amber looked at Ori with a confused look at her face. Ori was narrowing her eyes at this point. "... Where is the one which you got word from about this, Andarra?" Her voice was calm, but you could tell that she was fighting back fear. 

"One of the higher ups among the Wardens, Miss Ori. I am not sure who, but it was the first time that I had ever heard fear in the voice of a Warden. It is as frightening as when you hear it from a Rangari." The Draenei shook his head and sighed. "She requested that both of you report immediately." 

Amber started throwing her stuff into her bag, while Ori looked surprised. "Even me? I am not of the Wardens." 

The Draenei only shrugged. 


As the two Kaldorei rode on the back of a fey dragon, Amber put a hand on her cousin's shoulder. "What's goin' on?"

Ori sighed and shook her head. "I'm not sure why they need us, but I do know that the Broken Isles are where Kaldorei civilization began. Have you heard of Azshara?"

Amber nodded. "The bitch that turned her back on all the elves and ended up becomin' one of them Naga thingies?" 

Ori nodded. "That is where that occurred. Gul'dan has gotten there and is using the power for himself - and I imagine, that we will be getting some unwanted guests in Azeroth...." 

Amber furrowed her brow in thought, and as their mount landed, the tiny Kaldorei looked at her cousin and gulped. "The unwanted guests that I think you mean?" 


(To Be Continued)

(Well Met!

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