Friday, August 28, 2015

Transitioning to Legion - Part 2-2 (Ori and Amber's Story, Continued)

(This is me writing a series based on all of my characters transitioning into the Legion expansion. As I've shared on here before, I'm an RP'er, so I want to make sure that my character's stories come into Legion without a lot of issues. Welcome to the second part of part 2, about the Springshadow cousins). 

An intense Warden interrupted their conversation, offering her hand for the two to get off of the dragon's back. Ori took it politely, as Amber just hopped off. "What's goin' on, Chief?" 

The intense Warden was Belare Shadowleaf, who many of the other Wardens referred to as "Chief" for one reason or another. She let out a sigh and directed both of the women to follow her into a tent. Her silver eyes glinted, and her eyebrows furrowed in concern. As they sat down on cushions on the floor, Chief threw a herb into her mouth and started to chew on it. Amber recognized it as Green Tea Leaf, which was from Pandaria and had a number of medicinal uses, including the ability to calm down someone who was feeling anxious. 

"Ya alright, Chiefy?" 

Belare nodded and sighed. "As well as I can be. The only word that you received was that Gul'dan had gotten back to the Broken Isles, yes?" Both Kaldorei nodded in response. "There is one thing that we did not tell you. We are trying to keep it quiet right now, but I am sure that people will know soon." 

"Chief" looked outside and sighed. "When we let Gul'dan out, we had no idea that this turn of events would end up happening. And because we did not kill him at the Citadel, he decided to make his plan happen anyway..." 

Ori piped up at this point, adjusting the small glasses on the end of her nose. "His plan? Related to... oh no." 

Amber looked at her cousin. "What's the matter?" And the large, well built Kaldorei female just nodded at the two Springshadows. "The Legion is returning." 

"The Legion? Whatcha... Wait, what?" Amber's eyes grew huge. 

Ori gulped. "Has anyone told Veliya yet?" 

Belare nodded again. "They were on their way to tell her as we speak. You may want to go to her as soon as you can. But after I give you another piece of news..." Her brows furrowed again and she let out a huge sigh from in between her teeth. 

"... another piece?" Ori looked at "Chief" with a worried look on her face.

"Illidan has escaped and has been revived." 

Ori gasped and put her hand over her heart. Amber's reaction was a bit more delayed, because she had to go through her memory a bit to even remember who Illidan was. When she realized it, however, she shouted. "Wait?! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?" 

Belare jumped over and covered Amber's mouth with her hand. "Hush, hush." Amber gave her a sheepish look as she waited for a reply. Belare lowered her voice. "No one quite knows yet, but the only people that were allowed to go into where his soul was kept were Maiev and a handful of other higher up Wardens. Maiev has not been seen in years - and we are afraid that she may have turned against us." 

Amber's eyes furrowed, and she started cursing in Darnassian, even with Belare's hand covering her mouth. Ori, on the other hand, sat there stoically.After a few moments of Amber's cursing and Belare's silence, Ori finally spoke. 

"I suppose that we are headed to the Broken Isles, are we not?" 


(Stay Tuned for More!)

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