Blog Roll/ WoW Stuff I Like

Here is a list of a bunch of different websites that you should check out, because they're cool, and I like them too.

Other blogs I write for (non-WoW):

- Money Thinking
- Money Walks
- Sleepy Blogger

WoW sites I love:

WoW Insider
- World of Warcraft (Official Site)
- Wowpedia
- MMO Champion

WoW Blogs I read:

Sisterhood of Kia: Written by one of my dearest friends in the world (who I went on a two week hike on the Appalachian Trail with. She's awesome, really funny, and has lots of arguments with her brain.

Falling Leaves and Wings: Beru taught me how to druid. I also enjoy reading her insights and stuff.

Warcraft of the Worlds: Written by Kia's significant other, Achloryn. Lots of tasty tanking stuff on here; he's helped me learn to bare, bear tank.

This will get added to over time, but this is a start, right?

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