Pet Battles 101

Do you like Pet Battles (or as I call them, Pokey-mans, a play on Pokemon) as much as I do? Seems a lot of people like coming to my blog to read about them, so I'm going to compile all of my Pet Battle posts on this page!

WoWScrnShot_030113_094426I started doing pet battle guides because, frankly, I love them. But then, my WoW friends (which also include a number of real life friends) started to ask me about the teams I would use to do different achievements and such. So, instead of just writing out silly little Word documents for them to use, I instead started to make guides on The Achievement Warrior.

The plan here is to make this its own little thing - I'm going to start with the Menagerie pet battles, then I will go back and update all of my guides that I had on TAW with strategies that work better now that certain changes, including new pets, have come into pet battles since I wrote those guides (I think I wrote them in like 5.1, so that tells you how long it's been).
WoWScrnShot_031113_131443I plan on making this a huge part of the website, since it's what I was originally known for in the WoW realm.

So, if you're into WoW and you are into (or are thinking about getting into) pet battles, then you will definitely want to check out the content I'll have here. The ones with links are the parts of the guide that have been completed already - the rest will be coming soon! Also, if you want to see something specific - let me know! :)

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